Residential Windows and Glass Services Repair at your Door Step

Home is a man’s only paradise on earth and that’s true and holds universally for everyone. We make our home as beautiful and comfortable as we like and it is always hand-picked for our place.

One of the most important parts of our interiors are glasses – be it windows, interior art pieces or doors, glasses have a major role to play. A residential building always has glass in these important places – windows, shower doors, patio and interior decorative pieces; Broken Glass Repair is a huge mess that needs instant clearing!


One of the most faced repairs to be done is broken shower door and Sliding door glass repair – since shower doors need utmost care and sliding door which are commonly used in areas like patio.

Broken Shower Door Repair

Nothing cools your mind and body than a nice cool shower after a hectic day at office and nothing can be more irritating to realize that the shower door has decided to take the day off and make your life difficult.


Shower doors need to be handled very cautiously – because water is one of the reasons why degradation occur faster which means glass thickness plays a huge role. Apart from that any hardware fittings that need to be carried in or out, if not handled cautiously, sometimes impacts the glass – some of the so many factors on how a shower door can be affected.

Even the fog generated on the glass can also act as a degrading factor for the shower door glass and needs constant maintenance.

Sliding Door Glass Repair

Sliding door glass is mostly used in showers and patio – Patio: a place where you relax and spend a quiet evening or a peaceful morning.


Sliding Door glasses come in two ways – Bottoms rolls and Top hung models. Top Hung door types are of lighter in weight and can be used where in the movements of the door are limited and are not frequently used.

Even Shower doors maximum in the markets are designed in the same way – sliding being the new in thing in the interior designing.

Professional Glass Windows is expert in fixing sliding glass doors. If you have been having wrong kind of glass doors so far, our technicians will help you to go for the right thing for your Sliding Door Glass Repair stint.

So, don’t wait much – let our experts take care of your sliding doors for you!

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